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Appeal Procedure


Appeals shall be made to GGL by email to Clients lodging an appeal for whatever reason must submit their appeal on a Client Appeals Information Document which can be requested by writing to GGL by email to Areas where clients may wish to lodge an appeal against a decision made by GGL in relation to their certification status may include:

  • Where certification is removed
  • Where certification is suspended
  • Where certification is withdrawn
  • Where the scope certification is reduced
  • Where we refuse to accept an application for certification
  • Where we refuse to proceed with an assessment audit
  • A decision made by an auditor during an audit

Receipt of an Appeal

Upon receipt of an appeal we shall record the following details on our appeals log:

  • Name of client
  • Date received
  • Cert reference
  • Ask the client if they have received a suspension notice
  • Ask the client if they have a client appeals document
  • Confirm if the appeal has been received in writing
  • Date an acknowledgement was issued to the client
  • Date the appeal was heard
  • Dates of any updates that were issued to the client
  • Date a final decisions was communicated to the client
  • Date the appeal was closed

The purpose of the appeals log is to provide a current record of the status of all appeals. The log must be maintained at all times. As soon as an appeal has been received or certainly no later than 28 days from receipt of an appeal the client shall be issued with an acknowledgement. If an acknowledgement is not issued with 28 days an internal Nonconformance shall be raised.

Reviewing an Appeal

The appeal shall be referred to the Director who shall decide the best person to deal with the appeal in order to maintain impartiality. Auditors directly involved with the client and the reasons that lead to a suspension (i.e. as a result of a major Nonconformance raised at an audit) shall not be involved in the appeals process except where they are required to give evidence.

If it is thought the appeal cannot be reviewed independently and totally impartially the Director may refer the matter and all the facts and associated evidence to the Committee. When reviewing the appeal the reasons for the suspension / reduction or withdrawal of certification shall be balanced against the appeals information given by the client. Further information or clarification may be sought from the client and or any other areas or sources as required. This may include technical experts, trade bodies or organisations and / or legal or statutory bodies.

Progress Reports

If a decision cannot be finalised within 14 days the client shall be issued with an update informing them that the appeal is still under review. Further updates shall be issued every 14 days until a final decision has been made.

Final Decisions

The client shall be informed in writing as soon as a final decision has been made. The reasons for the final decision shall be stated and once made the final decisions cannot to be overturned. The client shall be informed that this is the end of the appeals process.

Please Note : Where an issue can be resolved prior to a formal appeal being made the instigation of this procedure may not be necessary. The client shall be informed of the release of any information in relation to the investigation or resolution of an appeal. Confidential information shall not be released without the prior consent of the client.