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Membership Schemes

Membership Scheme

GGL is launching a new membership scheme that requires all existing members to re-register, so we can capture your data on our new IT system and meet our data protection compliance obligations. Please note that any previous login and password you had will now not work. Please note, if you have registered on our site since March 2019, you will not need to renew, as the new system was in place from that point. As part of this exercise, we are also introducing free subscription for our clients.

How Are We Funded Now?

Apart from grants we occasionally obtain from our secretariat and certain associates, GITCHIA relies primarily on volunteer time and in-kind support to operate. In order to grow and provide valuable member services, it is vital that we are able to invest.

What Do Members Want?

In 2018, we surveyed members on what they think of GGL and want in the future. Feedback was positive, with 83% saying their membership was valuable.  Members want more knowledge-sharing, more training, access to jobs and chances to network – globally. Therefore GGL is offering to deliver:

  • Training and education: via global workshops and online webinars
  • Professionalism: via lobbying and collaboration with training partnerships
  • A connected global community: through better use of social media and running events, such as the annual dinner and regional general meetings
  • Research and knowledge-sharing

How Can You Help?

By renewing your membership. There are two types of membership:

Associate (Free) Membership 

Only available to students and those in Least Developed Countries.

Corporate (Free) Membership 

Private sector organizations can get corporate membership. It gives full website access, plus discounts for all people employed by the organization. If you ask, your employer may agree to take out corporate membership on your behalf.


You will get discount on training certification and Inspections

  • Special Package by our Office
  • Member can get 10 % discount on all services through membership card.
  • Note: visit your local office and apply for membership.
  • You will get sale points against each year training certification and Inspections
  • You will get technical help where possible (GGL)
  • If you are in a 5 year contract with GGL you will get free 1 year services (the same services you received in previous 5 years
  • If you are in a 10 year contract with GGL you will get free 2 year services (the same services you received in previous 5 years