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Teacher Training Overview

Teachers Training Certification

Teachers are the core part of every educational organization that’s why GGL take this step of teacher training accreditation forum.  GGL is first teacher training certification forum. GGL consists of highly committed, vastly experienced, and well trained Teacher Educators struggling to provide effective teacher trainings accreditation to improve the standard of teaching. GGL Division has also acquired the services of notable and well-reputed educationists and resource personnel to take their expertise in Teacher Training Program. GGL Training Division has been working since 2004. These programs range from one day training certification courses to 5 days training programs. GGL Training services are not only recognized in private sector but they are also appreciated in public sector. GGL is considered as one of the best organization for Principals and Teachers Training in Pakistan. We are providing accreditation to different organizations for giving teacher training programs. We have total 48 different standards against which they can accredited themselves and can provide trainings and certifications to different training programs.