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Whistleblowing Reports

Whistleblowing Reports

Reporting granted with anonymity of a risk that could damage customers, colleagues, shareholders, the public or the reputation of GGL, Whistleblowing is the reporting of a risk that could damage customers, colleagues, shareholders, the public or the reputation of the enterprise / public entity/ foundation.

Why to Report

It is a right and a duty to protect our work, our company, our colleagues, our clients and our collaborators. The purpose of this instrument is to prevent the implementation of non-conformities or irregularities within the organization, but also to involve all stakeholders and the general public in a counter-offensive activity, through active and responsible participation.

What to Report

Alleged violations, perpetrated by internal staff, collaborators and business partners, referring to the following aspects:

  • violation of laws and regulations
  • acts of corruption
  • fraud
  • human rights
  • violation of the Code of Ethics
  • infringement of the Organization and Management Model pursuant to Legislative
  • other violations.

What do not report

For commercial or operational communications (e.g. complaints), pre-existing communication channels remain valid.

Access And Monitoring

Regarding the technological security and traceability of reporting, we chose to use a widely proven technology platform and already implemented for whistleblowing in other social environments characterized by high personal risks. An open source software that allows anonymous dialogue with the reporter, without any possibility for the receiver or other subjects to trace the source of the messages.

When sending the report a ticket will be issued that allows you to return to the portal and monitor the progress of the follow-up action.

Who Receives the Report

The task to handle with the reports is entrusted to the Internal Audit Manager of GGL.

Whistleblower Protection

GGL undertakes to protect against any intimidation and retaliation by those who have, in good faith, reported. Reporting is handled confidentially and the identity of the whistleblower, when declared by himself, is not disclosed without his consent.
A well-made, detailed and detailed report can be handled without further involvement. In any case, the information will be processed according to confidentiality criteria.

Rights of the reported person

During the process of internal investigation of the report, however, will be guaranteed every right of the reported person and in no case will be initiated a procedure in the absence of concrete evidence regarding the content of the report itself.

Whistleblowing procedure

By clicking on “Continue”, the reporter declares to have read and accept the contents of the Whistleblowing Tool’s usage and management policies provided by GGL.